26 Oct

Top Tips When Planning A Relocation To Perth

Welcome to Perth-awarded the 9th most liveable cities in the world! We have designed this brief relocation guide to assist you in making the most of your life in this beautiful city.

In this, we will mainly discuss two of the main priorities of people who relocate to a new place usually have: work and accommodation. We hope the pointers covered here help you easily settle ‘Down Under!’

Finding Accommodation in Perth

Most homes in Perth are sold or leased through a licenced real estate agency. The real estate agent you choose to work with should be licensed and you can easily find one using Yellow pages or other resources guides, both online and offline such as realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.

If you have already decided upon buying a property, make sure that you know your financial situation well. You must also consider the suburb or area you want to live in so that you have easy access to work and schools.

It is important to note that homes in Perth and most parts of Western Australia are designed to keep residents cool owing to the hot and dry weather most times of the year. As a result, central heating and double glazing on windows is a rarity.

If heat is important to you, it pays to select homes with north facing windows, plenty of natural sunlight and central heating.

Perth, to explain simply, is divided into 2 distinct suburbs –northern and southern, by its 2 main rivers: the Swan River and Canning River. In general, the homes on the North side are generally more highly desired and prime properties-so rents and costs here are naturally higher.

For more information on suburbs, you can check out the real estate websites as mentioned earlier; they have a wealth of information when searching for an appropriate home within your budget.

If you need a temporary rental or short term accommodation, then you can find fantastically equipped serviced apartments at Premier Short Term Accommodation in Perth city. Short term accommodation properties are ideal for newcomers to the city as they are fully furnished and ready to live in, giving you space and comfort as you settle in to finding your next home.

An added bonus offered by Premier Short Term Accommodation is that their properties are all located within the CBD – making it extremely convenient with access to the major freeways both North and South, with free car parking and wireless internet – crucial amenities you will definitely need.

Newcomers generally book these apartments before they arrive in Perth to allow themselves sufficient time to search for a more permanent home. You can actually get a cheaper rate if you stay longer in these and, typically, prices range from $80 to $300 per night depending on the amenities and the length of stay.

We suggest you always ask for a weekly or even monthly rate and potentially save yourself a tidy sum. Relocating is costly, and expenses can mount up so any savings are always handy.

Finding a job in Perth

The key to finding a job in Perth, or anywhere for that matter, is networking. You can network through personal contacts, social media, and also professional sites.

You can even directly approach employers or find jobs through job search websites. It is important that you consider the location of your employment in case you don’t wish to commute too far for work.

The best approach to finding employment is using a reputable and experienced recruitment agency like All Force Labour Solutions. They have been specialising in providing labour hire in Perth to many satisfied customers and have a very qualified and skilled workforce.

The advantage of doing this is that the agency trawls through its database and finds a job that matches your skill sets. Such job matching is characterised by two key elements of individualisation and customisation. This gives you, the job-seeker, greater control over your employment destiny.

There is also minimal lead-time available before the job commencement; great if you need to get that cashflow happening quickly!A simple registration process to submit your CVis all it takes for you to get started on the site.

Perth is a vibrant, growing and family-friendly city to live in and has loads of activities for everyone, along with employment opportunities for a wide range of skilled workers. There is also a huge range of affordable short term accommodation options to choose from.

Good luck in your new venture!


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