20 Apr

Chocolate, Anyone?!

With a title like that, who could resist partaking of ramblings in awe of the sweet, unctuous, gooey deliciousness of that King of all foods which we sometimes call Chocolate but it’s actually commonly known as Heaven!?

The unmistakable sound of the “crack” of the block as you break off a “row”… (do you break it off ‘short-ways’ or ‘long-ways’ like this blogger?!)

The little bits of solid chunks in your muffin at morning tea-time… (do you savour each mouthful, or pick off the choccy bits and eat them last/first?!)

And who could resist consuming a hot, sugary, freshly-cooked churro dipped in warm, liquid ‘gold’… again and again until all that delicious chocolate gold is darned well finished (how did that happen so quickly?) and you really just need a little bit more so you use your finger to scrape up those last sweet remains!? Yeah, admit it — we all do it!

For choc-a-holics and ‘normal people’ alike, (by the way, there are no normal people as there’s a choc-a-holic just yearning to be unleashed in every one of us!) you’re in luck because Perth has so much to offer those with a penchant for that sweet gooey goodness.

Perth’s own extremely proud and local, coveted and adored offering is of course, The Margaret River Chocolate Company. Locally produced on site at each of their two locations, they have an absolute plethora of chocolatey goodies that seriously defies belief… chocolate soap?! massage oil?? Mmmm, quirky with a touch of kinky… Even bath salts and yes, lip balm! All great gift ideas for that hard-to-buy-for friend/lover/acquaintance/boss who will undoubtedly love and appreciate the uniqueness of your thoughtful efforts in your chosen gift.

Originally based in Margaret River as their name-sake attests, this was later followed by a second factory in the Swan Valley — but whichever one you are lucky enough to visit, they will both have you reluctant to leave their stores! The smell! The excited kids… the excited adults! The freeby chocolate drops! Heaven in a hand-full!

However, if you can’t make the 2-hour trip to Margaret River, or the 40-minute drive out east to Swan Valley factories and merchandise stores, they have conveniently set up a concept store right in the heart of Perth so locals and holiday-makers alike don’t miss out on that quick mid-week ‘fix’ — how very deliciously delightful! Take your time and relax with their on-site cafe serving what has to be simply the best hot chocolate in town — well, would you expect anything less!?

If you’re already a bit ‘chocolated-out’ — albeit temporarily of course — consider finding out more about the product itself if you’ve got about three hours to fill.

Book a place on the local Chocolate Walking Tour for some expertise and insight into Perth itself, but of course, mainly and more importantly about all things chocolate-inspired. With awesomely knowledgeable local guides, (what an occupation to put on your tax return — Chocolate Tour Guide!) and with lots of tastings included too, (yes, I know you were thinking it, so we’ll just get that clear straight up), but more-so you’ll get a unique chance to see chocolatiers at work producing that which we all revere, learn how cacoa affects the taste of chocolate and also how to describe your “tastings”… just like a truely professional and serious choc-a-holic should!

After all your indulging and on chocolate “overload”, it’s probably time to take yourself back to your hotel and close your eyes and drift off into a little dream-like snooze with deliciously fabulous thoughts of all the day’s happenings floating past your eyes… Aaahh. Bliss!

However, if you haven’t even begun to arrange your holiday in Perth yet, then there’s no time like the present! Visiting the most isolated continental capital city in the world is an experience that’s only second to a chocolate-rush! There are many varieties of hotels and motels to chose from, in all manner of locations.

However, for a four-star, resort-style option where the two swimming pools, two tennis courts and two gymnasiums (yes, how else are you going to indulge in more chocolaty goodness if you don’t hit the gym at least once on your holidays!) are FREE for guests to use, then consider affordable and flexible short term accommodation options for your next destination, where you get that “home-away-from-home” feeling that we all secretly want when on holidays… A place where you can unpack (yes, there is plenty of cupboard space) or just chillax and watch some movies on the in-house movie channels before heading out to the pool for some sun-rays and a cool, refreshing dip.

Offering a unique and flexible self-assisted check-in process, you need not worry about what time your flight arrives, already having on hand the information you need for a hassle-free arrival after a long-haul flight (one less thing to worry about!) All our apartments are fully equipped and tastefully furnished, included free undercover, secure parking as an added convenience.

With an undeniably fantastic city-based location and all the creature comforts of being at home (laundry and dishwasher!) then why would you stay anywhere else! Base yourself in comfort, style and value for money while you explore (and taste!) all that Perth has to offer.

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