20 Apr

Chocolate, Anyone?!

With a title like that, who could resist partaking of ramblings in awe of the sweet, unctuous, gooey deliciousness of that King of all foods which we sometimes call Chocolate but it’s actually commonly known as Heaven!? The unmistakable sound of the “crack” of the block as you break off a “row”… (do you break it...
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28 Dec

Benefits of Short Term Accommodation

When it comes to travelling, what is it most on holiday are actually looking for when it comes to their accommodation? Besides affordability, there are two items which will come under consideration when buying decisions are made: Feel and location. There is a great deal of truth in the old saying relating to there being...
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12 Oct

The Best Ways To Get Around Perth

A major decision when on an extended stay in a new city is “how does one travel and do so effectively and economically?”, not to mention safely? Perth, WA, is no different when it comes to making this decision, but the difference here is that there’s many choices available to meet just about any traveler’s...
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