12 Oct

The Best Ways To Get Around Perth

A major decision when on an extended stay in a new city is “how does one travel and do so effectively and economically?”, not to mention safely?

Perth, WA, is no different when it comes to making this decision, but the difference here is that there’s many choices available to meet just about any traveler’s preferences.

With so many options to choose from, it may seem impossible to get down to the best options, but here are five ways to get around the city and the surrounding areas based on convenience, economy, and variety. With the following in mind, choosing a mode of transport should be that much easier.

For those who prefer to handle all of the driving and decision making, finding a vehicle through a hire company may be the way to go.

From the city’s centre to the airport, for hire companies are available and convenient, and in some cases may be engaged for as little as $25 per day. With a vehicle at your disposal, there are no schedules to be kept and your itinerary is totally within your discretion, whether your stay is for business or rest and relaxation.

Whether you only need to get from point A to point B or prefer to make your own travel schedule, booking through a car hire outlet will allow you the flexibility you desire. It should be noted however, there are no free parking areas in the city’s centre however there are ample paid carpark buildings available.

Checking that your holiday accommodation provider provides free on-site parking is also worthwhile as parking fees over a period can increase spending unnecessarily over your holiday budget.

If travelling by car doesn’t appeal to you and your preference is to take the scenic route while still being in control, it’s possible you should consider pedaling your way around Perth.

The cost is quite economical and as an added bonus the city and surrounding areas cater to those who move on two wheels. All you have to do is pick up a detailed map from one of the city’s many bicycle retailers or visitor centres to begin navigating your way.

The numerous trails are clearly signposted to notify riders of difficulty or terrain as the trails have been designed as rated from pleasure to mountain biking.

The Marrinup Trail, Swan Valley Heritage Cycle Trail, Waterous Trail, and the Kep Track are just a few of the trails available, all with breathtaking scenery.

And if it’s scenery you prefer, consider riding the sunset Coast from Marmion to Burns Beach or a spin around the Swan River. View our article on cycling means and ways around Perth. {insert article url}

Maybe your schedule or plans don’t require constant transportation, what do you do then? There are several options available including taxi, train, or the many modes offered by Transperth.

Taking a taxi is not as haphazard as you may have been led to believe, although stepping to the curb is one way to hail a ride, you don’t have to leave things to chance.

By knowing when and how to arrange a cab the process may be made easier. There are tips available from the Taxi Council of Western Australia which are common sense approaches.

Smart phone technology makes it easier to keep phone numbers accessible to ring for a taxi at any time and there are Apps available which make arranging a ride even more stress free.

Located throughout Perth are traditional rank stands and supervised taxi ranks (provided with security at night) where taxis are available at any time of the day.

But, if you have a particular schedule to keep, it is possible to arrange ahead of time with a driver your itinerary in order to have your transportation worries behind you.

Train services are available throughout WA at an affordable price and with nearly any destination you may have in mind.

It may be a romantic notion, but train travel in the comfort of the swaying cars with the scenery sliding by can be a relaxing way to travel from Perth to the surrounding communities and sights.

From Perth you can head west to Fremantle, north to Joondalup, east to Midland, or south to Armadale with easy access into and out of the city along the rail lines. Purchase a SmartRider card and receive a discount which is also good for bus and ferry fees as well.

Seeing the outlying communities, cities, sights, and sounds surrounding Perth is affordable and relatively stress-free when you travel by rail and with a round-the- clock schedule of arrivals and departures you have the flexibility to travel where and when it is convenient for you.

Transperth provides several transportation options for the visitor to Perth including train, ferry, and bus.

Through these travel options virtually nowhere in Perth or the surrounding communities is inaccessible and the best part is you can manage your schedule online or through your mobile device at www.transperth.wa.gov.au.

By using Transperth’s online site, you are able to access schedules, routes, timetables, monitor track closures, manage your SmartRider account, or use some of the handy links on their site to help manage your transportation.

Through the site you are able to access a manual on how to use all of the services offered by Transperth, whether it be a question regarding accessibility or purchasing of passes. Also available through the site is a Journey Planner which helps you make your travel arrangements without the worry of missed trains or buses.

By utilising the tools available all of your transportation concerns could be alleviated, leaving you free to enjoy yourself.

When making your travel plans to Perth and WA, being prepared makes a difference and by becoming informed on these and other transportation options ahead of time much stress could be removed from the process freeing you up to take care of business or enjoy a peaceful evening out.

No matter what your lifestyle or preferences, there is a transportation solution available for you.

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