28 Dec

Benefits of Short Term Accommodation

When it comes to travelling, what is it most on holiday are actually looking for when it comes to their accommodation? Besides affordability, there are two items which will come under consideration when buying decisions are made: Feel and location.

There is a great deal of truth in the old saying relating to there being “no place like home” and when it comes to providing short term accommodation, home should be the goal. When on holiday the goal is to find relaxation and pleasure and feeling at ease is a primary facilitator of achieving those goals.

By providing an atmosphere and lodgings which may not be home but give the feel and appearance of being home, guests find more enjoyment and, as a result, will in all likelihood become like family choosing your accommodations over others. After a long day of being a tourist, sightseeing, or a day at the beach, cramped quarters are just not conducive to the end of a perfect day.

What if the need for short term accommodations is business related, you may ask?

The concept is the same, though the benefits for your guest are different. Pleasant surroundings and a bit of routine, possibly, while working out of residence, at the end of a long day provide a rare opportunity to unwind and put the stress of the day away.

Working away is demanding enough on its own, but, add in the stress of hotels and restaurants and the strain is increased exponentially. Providing short term accommodation which give the feel and convenience of a home away from home is not only a winning business stratagem, it is a level of service to guests which endears them to your business in a way marketing, promotions, and discounts can never match.

Location may seem like an obvious consideration, and it indeed may be but, obvious or not, location is in many cases a deciding factor for those seeking short term accommodation. For the holiday traveler, location means easy accessibility to the sights or events they wish to attend.

For those on holiday, spending their valuable time enjoying their surroundings is far more important than time driving or choosing between activities because of accessibility.

For the business traveler, location is just as important, but obviously for different reasons. Convenience and easy access to business districts, cutting down on travel, make a business stay much more pleasant and productive.

Short term accommodation providers such as Premier Short Term Accommodation in Perth have come to understand these two important factors. By providing centrally located apartment “residences”, both holiday and business traveler’s needs are met all in one location convenient for commerce or play.

When amenities are added in, such as the comfort of dining, private bedrooms and exercise facilities, many of the negatives of travel are erased from the guest’s mind and replaced with a sense of ease and well-being, both of which equate to unmatched customer service and quality appointments.

The consideration of feel and location may seem abstract, and in some ways intangible, but for the short term guest they are far from it, because when you would rather be at home, the intangible may just make you forget you’re not.

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