10 Dec

6 Reasons Why Communication is Important between Guests and Rental Owners

Communication between guests and short term accommodation property owners can make your stay one to remember or one to forget.

When you book a short term accommodation rental, you have certain set of expectations for before, during and after your stay. In order to meet or even exceed these expectations, you must communicate with your short term accommodation owner or property manager. Here are reasons why this communication is of utmost importance:

Know The Characteristics Of The Rental

Whether you are in the area for vacation or business, your short term rental should have the following characteristics:
• It should be present in a desirable location. Is the property close to a vacation spot or your place of business? Would you need to take sufficient efforts and plan ahead of your visit?
• It should be well-furnished to meet your needs. The amenities included should make your stay comfortable.
• It should be service enhanced and also have utilities and amenities that are important to you

Be Informed Of Choices

Communicating with your short term accommodation rental owner will also show you whether they are genuine and whether you can distinguish them from other available choices. Pre-visit communication sent through emails can help you know if the owner of the property is professional and, at the same time, willing to handle your case with a sense of urgency.

Proper communication with the short term accommodation manager can help you see if they read between the lines, understands your needs and makes an attempt to personalize your stay.

Eliminate Concerns

No matter if you are a seasoned business traveller or a family with young kids; the very fact you choose short term accommodation rentalsover a hotel is because you desire personalised hassle-free servicethat hotels often do not give. In the majority of travellers’ minds, the main concerns are pertaining to the property’s location and also steps to take if disasters strike.

To one person, a malfunctioning dishwasher might spell disaster; to another, it may be the property’s fire contingency plans. By effectively communicating with the rental owner, you can anticipate potential issues and also get the desired peace of mind.

Confirm Availability

When you decide to book a busy short stay rental online, it is always good to know that you can call or email the property owner to ensure there is no conflicting booking with another renter. Often times, rental owners have agencies or property managers managing the bookings and these properties are managed professionally for the most part.

However, there may be in stance they’re not, and this is also a good chance to chat to the owner directly.

Get Clear Guidelines

Nothing is more annoying to a guest to arrive at a rental property with Fido, only to find out that the property has guidelines and restrictions regarding the size and type of pets allowed. Therefore, transparent and straightforward communication is must when it comes to pet-friendly rentals.

Find out if there are other cleaning costs involved through communication with the manager/owner.

Avoid Surprise Costs And Hidden Fees

Finally, the main reason why communication is necessary between owners and guests is to avoid issues and hassles arising due to hidden costs. Owners should clearly state cleaning charges, deposits as well as seasonal rate charges, if any.

If needed, owners must print a detailed FAQ list detailing the amenities, the way guests can contact them as well as answers pertaining to fees, charges and important policies.

The communication should not end after the guest has departed, especially from the owner’s point of view. They must thank the guest warmly and ask for feedback or potential areas of improvements. A request for a personal review of their stay is also expected and appropriate at this point.

Encourage your guests to use feedback and review forms to express their impressions regarding the property and share with others.

This is a great way to engage guests so they will consider your rental property for their next stay or recommend your place to others in their community of friends, colleagues and travelers.

By ensuring two-way communication is always transparent, professional, informative and reasonable, then all parties are guaranteed of a pleasant experience.

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