19 Dec

6 Reasons To Ditch The Hotel And Choose Short Stay Accommodation Instead

When it comes to travelling in Western Australia, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, the number one expenditure on your itinerary would be accommodation. If you reduce that cost, you can save yourself a suitcase load of money.

The most obvious choice travelers make for their lodging is a hotel, and why not: hotels are far easier to find and also usually situated in the heart of top travel destinations. But hotels also include many hidden costs and they literally eat way too far into your travel budget.

Luckily for travelers to Perth Western Australia, there are many top short term accommodation service providers that come without all these extra costs.

So let us consider the main advantages of choosing short stay accommodation rentals vs pricey hotels based on the following 6 features.

1. You save money on food

With amenities like a fully furnished kitchen, you save a ton of money on food when you select a good short stay apartment. You can avoid costly restaurant bills that you’d invariably have to spend on when you live in a hotel. Considering an average cost of $30 per person per meal, you’d spend a total of $90 per person for 3 meals per day.

Think of all the money you could save by staying at a short stay apartment and cooking your own meals.

2. You save money on Laundry services

A short term vacation apartment can also help you save money on expensive laundry services available at hotels. The cost of having a man’s shirt washed and ironed in top hotels is anywhere between $12 and $20.

Vacation homes are well equipped with washers and dryers –so, for nearly one quarter the cost of hotel dry cleaning, you end up with clean clothes and more savings.

3. You get to watch DVDs and Movies free of Charge

Good holiday rental short term service providers allow you to watch TV or DVDs free of any additional cost. In hotels, movies or Pay Per View can be as expensive as $15 per movie. This is nearly 200% mark-up over the cost of watching a movie at home.

4. Use of amenities at no extra cost

Whether you choose city short stay apartments or short term accommodation resorts, you get a variety of amenities free of all extra costs such as the use of swimming pools, full sized tennis courts, or well-equipped gymnasiums all year round and any time of the day.

5. There are usually no hidden costs in short term accommodation rentals

Vacation rentals charge you a fixed amount which is agreed upon in the beginning. So, you are not slapped with valet parking or charges for other exorbitant services. Hotels could charge you for the use of their mini bar or valet parking. These could even add up to nearly $36 to $50 extra per day.

6. You get more room to move in short term vacation rentals

Another salient feature of short term accommodation rentals is that you get nearly 5 times the area in square meters as compared to hotel rooms. So, get more people to share your rental apartment and split the costs; which means even more savings for everyone!

If you are planning a trip to Western Australia, why not consider the advantages of city short term accommodation in Perth and see how beneficial they are for your budget!

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