24 Nov

10 Tips To Save Money When Travelling

When on holiday, the ability to maximize your time and savings isn’t the first thing which comes to mind, but before you head out it should be a consideration.

With That In Mind, Here Are 10 Tips To Save Money When Travelling.

Tip #1: Make A Plan

Planning ahead is critical when travelling.

Understanding all of the options for entertainment and sightseeing ahead of time will allow you to understand your limitations.

By planning your trip ahead of time and creating an itinerary, wasteful spending may be cut from the budget as you can’t possibly do or see everything you would like.

By creating a plan any unnecessary expenses for back-tracking and food expenses may be cut or reduced. Plan your trip and save some hard earned money.

Tip #2: Free Entertainment

Cities everywhere have a plethora of museums and amusements which cost nothing to enjoy.

Wherever you may be travelling, check ahead of time to see what these offerings are and work them into your itinerary. Some of the most memorable moments and sights you may enjoy just may be at no cost to you.

Tip #3: Take A Train

Rail Australia, for example, provides many options for travel passes and also provides some of the best scenery one could possibly encounter.

Also, with a fixed cost for travel to your varying destinations, the cost of fuel is eliminated and the cost to you is known ahead of time. Besides saving money, there is also the ease of someone else handling the driving while you just enjoy.

Tip #4: BYO Groceries

Avoid hotels and stay at short term accommodation places where you can plan to take at least a portion of your meals in residence.

By providing your own meals at a reduced cost for at least a portion of your stay, the higher cost of eating out is reduced and the savings go back to your wallet, where they belong.

Tip #5: Skip The “Touristy” Restaurants

Rest assured, the locals know where every good meal may be found, and in most cases the prices are more reasonable.
Sure, this may mean you have to go off the beaten path, but who knows better than a resident as to where the best, and most affordable, meals may be found. You may not be in the trendy, new spot, but chances are the food is just as tasty and costs much less.

Tip #6: Search For Free Travel Opportunities

Each city offers some form of free travel from point to point and you should do your research ahead of time to find what your options are.

If you are trying to get around town, a bus may just be the right choice, especially if your adventure will last a day with multiple stops.

Passes at a reduced cost may also be available, such as the selection of passes available from Greyhound Australia.

Tip #7: Walk

Yes, it may sound a tad trite, but if you make your plan with walking in mind, you may discover there are more sights to see within distance, for at least a portion of your trip.

Walking to sites available by foot travel will eliminate the cost of transportation and also provide an opportunity to slow down and enjoy.

Tip #8: Airfare Deals

The competitive nature of airline deals is such that, for the savvy shopper, there are always affordable rates.

Take the time to research and find the best air travel rates possible and save on your travel costs before you even leave home.

Tip #9: Travel During Cheapest Seasons

There are always off-season travel opportunities, and as long as you don’t mind going when the tourists are not at their peak, travelling in the off-season will reduce your costs.

Not only will you see a savings in airfare, you will also find the cost for local travel, restaurants, and entertainment also reflects the off-season pricing.

Tip #10: Become “App-savvy”

In the high-tech world we live in, there seems to be an App for everything and that is also true for travel and entertainment deals.

By doing some research and employing the appropriate Apps on your trip there will be discounts, coupons and deals offered to users which will reduce the cost. Plug in and find money saving options almost immediately.

Some of the above tips may not be strictly applicable to your trip, but by employing the first step, planning, you may discover ways to save you didn’t know exist.

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